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Tuesday, July 16 2024

Plan/Work Approval Application this is a 5-page monster on the start of filing process NYC

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How to understand it: Plan/Work Approval Application They name it  PW1 form.






This a five-page monster used to gather information for:

    • initial filings,
    • amendments,
    • reinstatements,
    • reassignments,
    • supersedes and
    • withdrawals

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Why this is the most important?

A whole industry grew to deal with the complexity PW1 form. “Expeditors” or “Filing representatives” specialize in making sure your form is filled out correctly and ends up in the right person’s hands. DOB on the other hand attempted to make it easier by creating specialized software to help out the public 1st PC-filing, 2nd E-filing, and now DOBNOWBUILD.

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